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Apr 04, 2022

Blog :

Championing Inclusive Growth

Culture vs Policy – how to separate it whilst allowing it to work as one!   Culture is a living, […]

Apr 1, 2022

Blog :

Movers and Shakers; Nashville.

  What’s the city like?   Nashville is surrounded by music and booming nightlife. With a population of only circa […]

March 28, 2022

Blog :

Job offer etiquette

So, you’ve just received a job offer for a new opportunity, and you’re filled with excitement, a (little) bit anxious, […]

March 25, 2022

Blog :

People behind the brand; Lucy Rackham

What’s the best part of the job?  I love the people side of my job and helping them succeed in […]

March 24, 2022

Blog :

Movers and Shakers: What’s NYC really like?

What’s the city like?   New York is vast, from the decadence and bustle in Manhattan, through to the unbelievable […]

March 23, 2022

Blog :

What makes a good recruiter?

The million dollar/pound/euro question.. What really makes a recruiter good? What sets them apart from the rest?  It’s no secret […]

March 21, 2022

Blog :

5 Rules of effective teamwork

We’ve all had to work in a team at some point in our lives. And, we’ve all had experiences where […]

March 16, 2022

Blog :

5 pieces of tech for neurodiverse organisations

Hiring for neurodiversity is the future Dice produced a compelling piece talking about hiring for neurodiversity, stating “Neurodiversity-friendly recruiting practices […]

MARCH 14, 2022

Blog :

Event Review: The Rise of GCP in Data

The cloud market is bigger than ever Joe opened the conversation by highlighting the magnitude of the cloud market, and […]

March 11, 2022

Blog :

People behind the brand; Kristie Craft

What’s the best part of the job? The people, I get to talk to so many different types of people […]

March 10, 2022

Blog :

Female Founders you should follow

  Sarah Kunst | Managing Director of Cleo Capital   Sarah is the Managing Director of Cleo Capital, a fund […]

March 07, 2022

Blog :

People Behind the Brand; International Women’s Day special.

Let’s dive in… We asked Jo Jewitt, our People Director and D&I lead what her biggest challenge has been in […]

March 02, 2022

Blog :

The Non Programmers Guide: Functional programming vs object orientated programming

Functional Programming is the technique of programming stress, on an evaluation of functions, to develop the structure and elements of […]

Feb 25, 2022

Blog :

People Behind the Brand: Lizzie Blizzard

Tell us about your journey to recruitment I was previously working in sales but found that it wasn’t a true […]

FEB 23, 2022

Blog :

The Pros & Cons of Grad Schemes and Internships

  We’ve taken the time to put together a comprehensive mini-guide on the pros and cons of grad schemes, internships, […]

FEB 21, 2022

Blog :

Our First Best Companies Awards

We do things a bit differently, and they work. From prioritizing our people to constantly questioning industry norms to push […]

Feb 16, 2022

Blog :

Onboarding remote employees

Hybrid work is the norm for our industry now. As surprised as we might have been if you told us […]

Feb 14, 2022

Blog :

Movers and Shakers: What’s Glasgow really like?

We’re proud to have grown and expanded to a number of different locations globally, and one of our new homes […]

Feb 11, 2022

Blog :

People behind the brand: Rowan Hardy

Tell us about your journey to recruitment… I think I had a similar situation to quite a few people where […]

Feb 08, 2022

Blog :

Interview tips for project and programme managers

If you are looking to progress within your role or move to a new opportunity, it is now more important […]

Feb 07, 2022

Blog :

Introducing: The Orbis Academy…

We want to tell you about a new project launching soon; The Orbis Academy, our training programme designed to give […]

Feb 02, 2022

Blog :

How to create a great first impression at your new job

Starting a new role can be daunting, no matter how junior or senior you are. Especially in the modern working […]

Jan 31, 2022

Blog :

Finding your new ‘Why’ at work

We’ll refrain from saying “Happy New Year” (as it probably isn’t socially acceptable to do so in February) but instead […]

Jan 26, 2022

Blog :

People behind the brand: Melica Lashley

Tell us about your journey to recruitment: I fell into recruitment by accident. It wasn’t an industry I’d ever known […]

Jan 24, 2022

Blog :

Why internal workshops are crucial for your teams’ development

Learning and Development is important in any organisation, whether it’s to reach a specific goal (such as someone achieving a […]

Jan 19, 2022

Blog :

In Conversation with Jo Jewitt and Cat Wildman

Forging ahead into the new year, here at Orbis we continue to prioritise our company culture, D&I goals and our […]

Jan 17, 2022

Blog :

How To Find A Company Culture That Empowers You

With so many organisations actively hiring and wanting to attract the best talent for 2022, candidates are flooded with exciting […]

Jan 12, 2022

Blog :

People Behind the Brand: Cameron Irwin

Tell us about your journey to recruitment…   So I actually got into recruitment because a good friend of mine […]

Jan 10, 2022

Blog :

Townhall: 2022 business update

2021 was a record breaking year for Orbis. Taking a moment to recognise and celebrate the strides we’ve made in […]

Jan 5, 2022

Blog :

Dealing with Rejection

No one likes to be rejected, whether this is at work or in your personal life! We often associate rejection […]

Dec 20, 2021

Blog :

Personal Brand

What’s one of those?   Let’s begin at the beginning shall we? What is a personal brand? Think of the […]

Dec 17, 2021

Blog :

People Behind the Brand: Harrison Edney

Tell us about your journey to recruitment… I started my career in finance, working for a small hedge fund. While […]

Dec 15, 2021

Blog :

Relocation; Interview – Part 2

Welcome back for part two of our interview special on Relocation: What’s it really like to move across the world […]

Dec 12, 2021

Blog :

Relocation; Interview

What was your main motivator to relocate for your career? Had you always wanted to live and work in the […]

Dec 08, 2021

Blog :

Video Interview Tips

The changed environment and work culture of the past year pushed communications and interviews towards alternative platforms, and it seems […]

Dec 06, 2021

Blog :

People Behind the Brand: Georgia Wade

What appeals to you about recruitment?  Speaking to such lovely, interesting people every day. I am pretty much a complete […]

01 Dec, 2021

Blog :

What D&I Means to Us

For the past year, we’ve been laser focused on implementing the right changes and initiatives at Orbis, specifically within D&I. […]

29 Nov, 2021

Blog :

Learn New Skills Online

Utilise your time and mentally exercise by learning, boosting your ideas and expanding your skillset.   Learning is a journey, […]

Nov 24, 2021

Blog :

People Behind the Brand: Tom Jeffs

Lots of people say they ‘fell into’ recruitment. What’s the story for you? I found myself out of work after […]

Nov 12, 2021

Blog :

Bring your whole self to work

What is your role at Orbis? It splits into two parts, one side is Operations, looking at how we can […]

Oct 7, 2021

Blog :

Leading in a flexible environment

Working on a flexible basis and eradicating traditional working models has been trending for a few years amongst all sorts […]

Aug 31, 2021

Blog :

Creating the difference between a good CV and an excellent CV

I get it, it’s really hard to know what a good CV looks like. The internet is full of example […]

Jul 25, 2021

Blog :

People Behind the Brand: Jeremy

We’d like to proudly introduce a new addition to the Orbis team, Senior Consultant Jeremy Leonard. More than a great […]

Jun 7, 2021

Blog :

The future of talent and inclusion in the workplace

Last week we participated in the virtual Wonder Women Tech Summit. This was an excellent opportunity for us in our […]

Apr 2, 2021

Blog :

Top transferable skills for pursuing a long-desired career change

Transferable skills are those that can be applied across different roles. They may be personal attributes that you’ve developed over […]

Feb 19, 2021

Blog :

Why you should get a mentor: Asking for help isn’t a step back

I’ve recently been doing a lot of research about different schemes and initiatives businesses are putting in place to help […]

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